About our Event Space

1) How much does it cost to book and how much time?

You can book out the space for a donation of $699 and the hall is yours to set up.  The basic party time is 4 hours for $699 however you can select additional hours for $75.  Parties must conclude no later than midnight.  Cancellations may be made 45 days in advance of your party and a 50% refund will be returned to the renter.  If your event is within 45 days, no refund will be granted.  In the event of a catastrophic life event, the legion is sympathetic to those circumstances.  Each of those instances will be handled on a cases by case basis with proof of the life event.  We are NOT equipped to accept deposit, only bookings made in full.

2) How many people can the space hold?

120 people with the tables and chairs (which we provide at no additional cost) and 200 people without the tables.

3) Are tables and chairs provided for us? 

We have 17 rectangular tables.  The tables are rectangular shaped and measure 7 1/2 long by 2 1/2 feet wide.  We provide 120 folding chairs and a closet for storage.  We also NOW HAVE round tables.  They are 60" standard diameter and we have 14 of them.  The day of your event when you arrive the tables and chair are usually (NOT ALWAYS) but usually set up in a standard format.  Whether or not they are round or rectangular depends on the previous event.  You may have to switch them out, but most people have been opting for round lately, so they should be set up for you.  You DO NOT have to put your chairs up or your tables away after you event.

4) Can we bring alcohol? 

The space is BYOB friendly, as long as you respect the law and are not disturbing the peace.  Alcohol may not be sold.

5) How is the parking? 

We offer plenty of parking in our two, adjacent, private, parking lots.  Street parking is also allowed on the North bound side of Mount Pleasant Avenue, the same side of the road the Legion is located on.  Our private parking is another great feature that sets us above other venues.

6) Can I decorate the hall and if so, when may I start? 

We guarantee a TWO hour setup time.  If the hall is not booked the night prior or the morning before your event, then the hall may be set up several hours in advance BUT it depends on the time and date of your party.  Some guests choose to deliver items for their party to the hall the night before and we do our best to accommodate that if possible and if there is not an event before yours.
Since the space has undergone major renovations and is now THE BEST looking rental hall available anywhere in the area, decorations are NO longer allowed WHATSOEVER.  Confetti and glitter are BANNED as well.  We recommend our guests use balloons and table center pieces to create an appropriate theme for their event.  Hanging and tying balloons to the 6 wall sconces is permitted and encouraged; it's a great way to create a convenient and fun theme.  We usually EMAIL the access codes to the parties on the Thursday PRIOR to party weekend.  Please do not email us asking for your code prior to that.
Guests who violate this policy will be charged a cleaning fee.  For more information on setup please see below.

7) What day is best for me to come see hall? 

We encourage our guests to view the photos provided throughout our website.  To see the space in person, the best time is Monday night between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. No need to let us know you are coming,  just come in and  begin showing yourself around.  

8) What's in the kitchen?

          Our large kitchen is equipped with a functional Refrigerator, Freezer, and sink, we DO HAVE a brand new ice maker!  Our NEW cabinets and counter tops create a great space for you to cater your event.  The pass through has been revamped and now makes for a PERFECT place to serve from.  We're sure you'll love it.  Stay tuned for even more!


9) How do I get in touch with you?

It's easiest to contact us via email on the Contact Us page.  It's best to contact us through our email if you require a more timely response.  We never answer the phone and never check the voicemail.



Setting Up Your Event 

Everyone is eager to begin setting up for their event.  At the Legion Room we try to allow our guests as much time as possible prior to the start of their event to begin setting up.  The time available for set up varies depending on the time and date of your party as well as the time and dates of the parties surrounding your event however each booking has a guarantee TWO hour set up starting at the end of the other event.  We will email you your access code and earliest possible setup time a few days prior to your event.

Friday Events

Friday events may begin setting up from Friday morning on dependent on our availability schedule.   We also offer a Friday discount price by entering coupon code: fridayparty for a discount of 10% off your booking.

Saturday Events

Typically Saturday rentals are able to begin setting up their event Saturday morning.  You will be emailed an access code to the building which will allow you to enter at any time 24 hours surrounding your event.  You will be able to begin setting up your event from then on.  Please view the rental tab on our website to determine if there is an event taking place the night before or earlier in the day of your event.  If you have an event scheduled for later Saturday and there is also an event scheduled earlier on that same day, you will have no less than two hours to begin setting up your event, though more time is typically allotted.  If you have an early event and a party is scheduled afterwards, the time your event is scheduled to end is the time the next party is allotted to begin setting up.

Sunday Events

Sunday mornings at the legion ARE NOW available!  Please use the rent tab.  Yay!


Adjusting the heating and Air Conditioning

The heating and air conditioning in the hall is an excellent and powerful system.  The thermostat is actually brand new.   To cool the room, please use the down arrow, to warm the room, please use the up arrow.  At no time should the temperature be set below 65 or above 75 and at no time should the fan be placed in the "on" position or "hold".  Please remember that when guests are present in the room the temperature always goes up.


Breaking Down Your Event

Since the addition of our limited cleaning service (Already included in your rental price!) our guests have found events at The Legion room to be much more enjoyable.  We will handle everything regarding the tables and chairs so please LEAVE THE WHERE THEY ARE.  Additionally we will take care of the major sweeping and the mopping as well as the cleaning of the bathrooms.  No use crying over spilled beverages, but we do ask that if you spill something to please clean it up.  We require our guests to take with them anything that they brought with them including their GARBAGE.  We have a dumpster in the parking lot and our guests are required to use our rolling garbage cans to deposit their trash in that dumpster.   If there is a party following your event they may begin setting up there event at the scheduled end time of your event.  We ask that everyone respect the space at the hall and remember that it is an American Legion.  All of our members are veterans and everyone on our staff is a volunteer.  The American legion is a non-for-profit business and NO ONE at our hall receives any salary what so ever.  Every dollar from you rental goes directly to support the building and to American Military Veterans.  Thanks!  Please remember to monitor the temperature controls before leaving, blue dial to the top and red dial at the bottom.